Authorised Garage

Here you can find our authorised garages around the UK. Using them, you have warranty, that your stuff will be installed properly!

If you would like to claim your own or one you know, please contact us!

Ultimate Garage! – Birmingham


‘ULTIMATE GARAGE’ is based on several years of Eligius and Martin experience in the automotive field. Eli has the necessary knowledge in the field of professional and comprehensive automotive diagnostics and chip-tuning, DPF servis and other electronics related repairs. Marcin has years of experience in the field of comprehensive car mechanics and buliding/upgrading/tunning

Hi-Tech Performance – Northampton

Tuning is our passion. We approach each client individually because customer satisfaction is most important for us.

Always require more from ourselves than customers requires from us.

If you appreciate quality, reasonable price and want your car to serve you a long time you will not be disappointed.


Performance parts, drift, and drift customisation. CLM Lock kit for UK.